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Greetings from the Chairman of the Central Elections Committee

a Welcome to the website of the Central Elections Committee for the Knesset. The site is meant to provide the public with information that is connected to the elections for the Knesset. As is well known, the date of the elections for the 19th Knesset is January 22 2013 (11 Shevat 5773).

The basis of the work of the Committee rests on the need to fulfill the directive in the Basic Law: The Knesset (Section 4) which states that the elections will be "General, national, direct, equal, secret, and proportional, according to the Elections Law" – and to enable the public to realize its right and civil obligation to vote for the Knesset in a smooth and worthy manner, and those who wish to run for office – to enable them to be candidates according to the law. The Central Elections Committee is composed of representatives of the current Knesset parliamentary groups and is headed by a justice chosen by other court judges. The deputy chairs of the Central Elections Committee are chosen from and by its members.

Every Israeli citizen aged 18 years and older has the right to vote for the Knesset, unless s/he is not legally allowed to do so; Every Israeli citizen who is at least 21 years old on the day the lists of candidates are presented, has the right to run for Knesset unless s/he is not legally allowed to do so.

Section 7 of the Basic Law: The Knesset itemizes the reasons that would prevent an individual or list of candidates from running for Knesset. Any list of candidates that is not invalidated will be approved by the Central Elections Committee.

On Elections Day, one may observe the impressive democratic nature of the State of Israel, a state that is Jewish and democratic, with democracy running through its veins. On that day, every one of us, every citizen of Israel, has the opportunity to influence the makeup of the incoming Knesset, the House of Representatives of our state.

This website is meant to use today's communications and technology to help the voters, the candidates, and the elected officials. We invite everyone to visit the site and are pleased that the public uses it.

Information that you will find on the site includes the workings of the Central Elections Committee, how one can become a candidate, the electoral system in Israel, related laws and legislation, comparative data from past elections, and decisions of the committee chairs over the years.

There is also a section (in Hebrew) of educational guides – an informational video for the public and a training kit for employees of the regional committees. You can view and use the website as a channel of communication between the Central Elections Committee and the public.

With wishes for pleasant viewing and a good voting experience,

Elyakim Rubinstein
High Court Justice
Chairman of the Central Elections Committee for the 19th Knesset
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