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Free Transportation of Voters on Elections Day

According to the law, voters who on Elections Day are located at a distance of 20km or more from their designated polling stations are elligible for free transportation to their polling stations. A travel voucher will be given directly to the voter who presents either his/her identity card and its appendix with a current address, or his/her driver's license together with the voter's notification card that is delivered by mail.

Without the id card or diver's license, the travel voucher will not be issued to the voter.

Travel will take place through the public transporation system - the intercity bus lines and Israel Railways. The voucher for the return trip will be valid also for the day after elections.

Travel vouchers will be available at the following locations and times:
  1. A voter using public transporation or Israel Railways can receive his/her round-trip voucher at all post offices around the country starting January 6, 2013 until January 21 2013.
  2. The voter travelling on Israel Railways will convert his/her voucher to a regular ticket at the cashiers of the train stations on Elections Day only. This ticket will allow return travel also on the day after elections.
  3. On Elections Day, vouchers will be distributed by a Central Elections Committee representative who will sit in the central bus and train stations.
  4. In special cases, vouchers will be distributed in the offices of the regional elections committees.

Those elligible for transport between Eilat and Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, or Be'er Sheva, will receive special Egged tickets at the Egged cashiers. These tickets will allow travel the day before elections and return the day after elections. Travellers to or from Eilat must preregister with Egged - either by phone 03-6948888 or *2800 or on Egged's website: http://www.egged.co.il.
To travel from any bus station located between the Arava intersection and Eilat, one needs to get the voucher from a post office branch or a mobile post office, starting January 6, 2013 until January 21 2013.

The following are the information centers which can answer questions regarding transport on Elections Day:
"Egged" National Information Center: 03-6948888 or *2800 / http://www.egged.co.il
Kavim 03-6066055
Elit 02-5807777
Israel Railways 03-6117000 or *5770
Superbus Ltd 1-700-700-181
G.B. Tours 04-6570745
Connex *6686
Galim 08-6688700
Golan Public Transportation 08-6964025 or *3254
Metropolin *5900
Nativ Express 04-6570350
Afikim 03-5252555
Nazareth Tourism 04-6570577
Egged Transport - 08-6260555
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