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Regional Elections Committees

a To carry out the elections process, the Central Elections Committee established 18 regional committees around the country.

Each regional committee is responsible to carry out the elections process in all communities within its area.

Chairing each regional committee is a judge who was appointed by the president of the Supreme Court, and at his/her side is the committee director and staff.

The Central Elections Committee appoints the regional committees at least 38 days prior to elections. The members represent the parliamentary groups in the current (outgoing) Knesset.

The number and makeup of the members of each regional committee is identical to that of the Central Elections Committee. For every political group that has at least 4 members in the Knesset, there is one committee member per 4 Knesset members. The political groups that have fewer than 4 members in the Knesset have one representative each. In these elections to the Nineteenth Knesset, there are 33 members in the Central Elections Committee and in each of the regional committees. Three members in each committee are appointed deputy chairs.

The members of the regional committees each have a substitute member who is appointed at the time the members are appointed by the Central Elections Committee.

The functions of the regional committees include the following:
  • Examination of each polling station in its area and determining its suitability.

  • The recruitment and training of staff for elections day.

  • Issuing letters of appointment for members of the polling station committee members and observers (who are appointed by the lists of candidates).

  • Supervision of the voting process over the course of Elections Day

  • Collection and input of the elections results from each polling station in its area, and then transferring the results to the logistics center of the Central Elections Committee.

Jerusalem Binyanei Hauma, Rechov Zalman Shazar 1, Jerusalem
Judea Binyanei Hauma, Rechov Zalman Shazar 1, Jerusalem
Tzfat Hapalmach 49, Tzfat
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Jezreel Rechov Kidron, 14/1604-9125825
Akko Academic College of the Western Galil 04-9125880
Haifa 16 Pal Yam Boulevard 04-9125864
Krayot Hataasiah St. 11, Nesher 04-9125847
Hadera David Eliezer 2704-9125955
Hasharon Rechov Giborei Yisrael 10, Netanya 09-9665833
Petach-Tikva Rechov Ha-odem 6, Kiryat Matalon 03-7712670
Center-South Hachashmonaim 34, Regional College, Lod 08-6218920
Rechovot Golda Meir 3, Nes Ziona 08-6219888
Tel Aviv Tuval Street 3 03-7712412
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